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In 2016, TETAF created Texas Perinatal Services. With a focus on quality care for newborn Texans, the first service line to launch was neonatal.

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Neonatal Survey Services

Since it was founded, Texas Perinatal Services, a division of the Texas EMS, Trauma & Acute Care Foundation (TETAF), has been an approved neonatal care survey agency by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS).

The TETAF Survey Operations team is central to planning a survey. Our credentialed surveyors have the expertise to understand the needs of your specific hospital. Surveyors include neonatal medical directors and neonatal nurses, who are trained to survey Level II, Level III, and Level IV Texas hospitals providing neonatal care.

Hospitals are evaluated for Neonatal Care Designation requirements, as defined by Texas Administrative Code §133.181. Services available include consultation surveys, initial designation surveys, and focused surveys.

Texas Perinatal Services Neonatal Survey Package

The Neonatal Survey Package includes:

  • Pre-Survey Questionnaire (PSQ) – The PSQ is a document that begins the first phase of the survey process. It organizes program components for the surveyors. Hospital partners have stated the PSQ initiated them to review their program plans and identified early opportunities for improvement.
  • Access to the Texas Perinatal Services survey operations and leadership team – TETAF has provided surveys in Texas since 2008 and its perinatal division, Texas Perinatal Services started in 2016. With years of experience in program development, program management, and the survey process, the Texas Perinatal Services team is always available to support you before, during, and after your hospital’s survey.
  • Pre-survey conference to ensure preparation.
  • Carefully trained and managed surveyors who completed didactic training, skills labs, observations, and real-time training to become a credentialed Texas Perinatal Services surveyor.
  • Consistency in the survey process, including the on-site review, reporting tools, and medical record reviews.
  • Open evaluations of our process and surveyors to continuously improve based on your experience.
  • Virtual educational opportunities include our monthly forums and access to our Texas Perinatal Services group in Mighty Networks.
  • Ongoing advocacy with an expert lobby team to continuously ensure your hospital needs and perinatal care are kept at the forefront in the legislative arena.
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Neonatal Designation and Focused Survey Fees

Texas Perinatal Services provides neonatal survey services for Level II, II, and IV hospitals in Texas with affordable pricing at each level. The price is the same for a designation survey or a focused survey.

Neonatal Care Level of Survey RequestedFee
Level II$13,000.00
Level III$15,500.00
Level III with a surgeon$19,500.00
Level IV$22,000.00

For more information about our survey services, please email Aaron Rogers, survey operations manager.

Neonatal Consultation Survey

Our affordable consultations provide recommendations for improvement and identify potential deficiencies before a designation survey. Fewer contingency surveys are scheduled as a result of the consultations.

Texas Perinatal Services provides consultations to hospitals seeking Level II, Level III, or Level IV maternal designation. The consultation is $6,500 and includes a nurse consultant.

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